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Find out what Galaxy Block has achieved


GXBC  is launching NFT project on Ethereum blockchain.  GXBC and NFT items will be available for crypto communities as well as GXBC's users who play our games.

Innovative System

In our world of GXBC  blockchain, those who play our games will be able to enjoy the full culture of GXBC, which provides rewards, ideas, and even new life in our own Metaverse.


Jump into our metaverse we have created, and start your new life style that fits yourself, and  your future.

Game & More

You can enjoy Galaxy's games and use GXBC  in any way you wish to spend. But 'game' is only a tip of the iceberg we built. GXBC's new digital contents including VR will come to life very soon.

GXBC Rocket 

Buy a ticket with GXBC and place a bet on the location before the rocket crash. GXBC reward multiplied by Reward X for correcting the position. 

GXBC Wallet

Galaxy BlockCoin (GXBC) games provide each wallet to registered users. This wallet is a decentralized wallet that simultaneously supports Ethereum Mainnet. GXBC token holders can store and stake tokens using their own in-game wallet developed by GXBC.

In addition to GXBC, GXBC Wallet supports ERC20-based tokens, but does not support test networks such as Ropsten, Rineby, and Kovan.

Team Info

Eunice Yoo / CEO  

  Credit Information specialist & Director
  Blockchain investment advisor  

Tim Kim / COO 

Galaxy Block. COO
Edusight. COO
Jem Block. COO  

Park Je-hong / CTO 

Development Leader
Meca. General Manager 

Lucas Lee / CMO 

DAG(Digital Asset Group) CEO
+7years working experience
marketing in Fintech & Blockchain 

Kwak Hyun-woong / CIO 

 Blockchain Innovation Forum Manager
 Blockchain Expert Lv.2 

Kang Il-sung / CSO 

Banban art corporation. CEO
 R.U.N Assocaiation co. CEO 


GXBC  token will be listing on global crypto exchange this year.


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GXBC 's game is already being developed!