GXBC Ecosystem

The world we developed will give you a system that you can easily utilize to enjoy the game

and reward

GalaxyBlockCoin is

a digital ecosystem and protocol based on GXBC tokens running on Ethereum blockchain mainnet.

In the ecosystem of GXBC, there are key elements of gamification, security, and scalability.


Gamification refers to a series of Reward or Mining processes in which users take action while playing a game according to the Proof-of- Play algorithm. This allows players to 'mine' tokens without even knowing they are actually participating in mining. The whole process of taking actions, contributing to GXBC economic system, and getting rewarded is 'gamified.'


Security is the storage of all transactions between users in the ecosystem. It also prevents forgery of data. GXBC blockchains, like all other blockchains, are inherently encrypted, and newly generated data requires verification of previously created nodes. In other words, when a user, or node, that is embedded in the GXBC  ecosystem, provides new data or changes to it, all nodes in the network validate it. Transactions made within our games are all secured by GXBC  blockchain.


Scalability refers to games and content that can be converted from GXBC  ecosystem to Dapp. GXBC  is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that it is free to implement endless ideas and content based on the creation of smart contracts. GXBC  can optimize memory in a blockchain, minimizing the expenditure of gas in an ecosystem, while providing a protocol that makes it easier to use random features and functions, such as random numbers in a public blockchain which essential in games.